Emma Goodall
Autism Consultant, Healthy Possibilities
Emma Goodall, Autism Consultant - Healthy Possibilities

Emma Goodall is an Autism Consultant for Healthy Possibilities, a consultancy which offers top quality consulting, assessment and advisement services for people with autism, in efforts to help people to reach their potential. In her current role, Ms. Goodall makes the most of her expertise in public speaking, autism diagnosis, lecturing, and organizational training for working with autistic adults and children, supporting the initiatives of Healthy Possibilities. She also possesses an acute understanding of the autistic brain, and is able to design personalized programs for children and adults on the autistic spectrum to help them leverage their skills and achieve their goals.

Ms. Goodall is a skilled and experienced special needs teacher and consultant. Having completed her doctoral research into the effective teaching of students on the autistic spectrum in mainstream education, she is passionate about the ability of autistic children and young people to gain skills and knowledge. She has worked in pre-schools, schools, and as an educational consultant and adviser in Europe and New Zealand, including for the NZ Ministry of Education.

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Emma Goodall
Autism Consultant
Healthy Possibilities
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